Monday, October 24, 2011

Fine misty rain

Clouds covered the blue skies on Saturday, and I realized that I took only seven photos over a weekend. As if there was nothing interesting to show. But the only cause for not taking my camera in the hands was bad light and cloudy skies with fine misty rain falling down from the sky. I spent those two days among people and in the woods. Another grape harvest was on my schedule, this time we were gathering healthy grapes. No pesticides & co. were used on them. Half of the grapes stayed on the vines, other half had been eaten by birds and other animals before we started to pick the rest. But they were, oh, so sweet!

Ž and I went into the woods yesterday to check for mushrooms but there were almost none. Also birds were almost quiet. Later we gathered some chestnuts and beechnuts. Leaves have started to change colors, and in three weeks dull and cold season of a year will start.

While we were driving through the villages I was thinking that lots of people were indoors this weekend, most probably in front of TV screens. In a way they haven't missed much but on the other hand I am not sorry for spending both days outside, although it was cold and dark and damp under the cloudy skies.


Feronia said...

Beautiful photos, Pina. Makes me nostalgic for European woods :)

Pina said...

Thank you, Emily. I can imagine that you miss European woods, although they are much more peaceful now than in summer.