Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I laughed when I found this photo of us, my brother, my cousins and me. I didn't care about the future then, or the past, all that mattered was skiing and making igloos with other kids. Cold? We were wet and it was cold but the play was far more important than anything else. Oh, what has become of me!

And I keep laughing at my hat that I was wearing then. I just don't remember having a hat like that at all. One of my cousins is a ballet dancer, I don't know what happened to the other one as my uncle divorced and remarried. My brother - well, in a way he is so much like me, and yet we are so very different, like night and day. And his blondish hair is certainly almost black today. Err... gray, too. :)


Feronia said...

That's a lovely photo!

Mojca said...

What a nice outfit!

Pina said...

Ah, kaj, čez desetletja je staro spet IN! :) Pelz na glavi rulz!