Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sun clock

I am dreaming of having a sun clock on my house or in my garden but as the corner of the house is facing south, I would need two of them. I could have one in the garden but more than half of it is in a shadow at least five months of a year. I am actually dreaming of having big garden one day but I am not sure that this will ever happen. So, with or without sun clock, I have realized that I keep taking photos of those old ones that I usually spot on churches, castles or old buildings. This past days I saw three, and they were all very beautiful, although plain. I found two of them in one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia. I have never before seen so many old orchards, renovated old houses and beautiful meadows with magnificent views. I wonder who made all those sun clocks and if they were of any use. Today people don't care about them anymore, having mobile phones handy all the time. A pity. Maybe we should at least sometimes turn our clocks back to the past. Probably we would have more time if we did.


Bodecea said...

Maybe you may enjoy this pictures from a village in my home region :-)


Pina said...

Thank you, Bodecea, very beautiful sun clocks. People really have huge imagination. :)