Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prisank / Prisojnik

So, finally after three years after Ž's promise to go up with me I was standing on top of Prisojnik, also called Prisank (2547 m), alone. This is one of those two mountains on my list that I still wanted to climb. "My" mountain: Still 2 hours and 15 minutes to go? It took me 4 hours to the top because we missed the easy path. Somewhere here we were looking away when passing the crossroad: It happens. Sometimes we find more beautiful paths, sometimes we turn back before reaching the top. Ž felt dizzy and his knee started to hurt, so he waited for me on 3/4 of the path. He knew that I wouldn't turn back. Not this time. I had done that two times already.He worried about me all three hours while I was gone because he saw that the path was dangerous, although easy. Ease your grip and you are several hundred meters below, and certainly not alive anymore. One part of the path goes from the bottom left corner to the top right corner on this picture:You can hardly imagine how my heart hurt at the top when I saw him with my binoculars sitting in a sheltered spot waiting for me. I thought we would be standing on this mountain together. He is a tiny spot in this picture: And me on Prisojnik. Actually - my backpack: Rare flowers on my way back: And a Pagan girl in rock when we were again back below: Oh, how I felt sorry for him when he walked in front of me back to the car! But I know that I couldn't have persuaded him to carry on walking from that spot where he stopped. He chose it so.

I am not sure if I will be able to climb another mountain this year. Well, one can never tell. But at least I am happy that Prisank is ticked on my list. Very happy indeed. Also because it was one of the scariest mountains to climb in my whole life.


Maja said...

Čestitke za pomemben osebni uspeh!

Včeraj oz. ta teden sploh je bilo v hribih krasno vreme; jaz sem s psoma včeraj stala na desetem dvatisočaku letos. Nisem zbirateljica višin, a vseeno je bil tak prijeten občutek :-). Pa še čisto sami smo bili.

Mojca said...

Sweet & sour torej. Čestitam!

Pina said...

Hvala obema. Saj tudi jaz nisem zbiralka dvatisočakov, ampak ponavadi je šele tam res lepo. No, vsaj zame. ;)