Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I thought that I would learn more at the lace making course. I know that we could learn more, that's why I am a bit disappointed. We are not able to make nothing else but the basic patterns which are obviously very rare. I asked our mentor to teach us another technique the next (last) time but she claimed that there wouldn't be enough time. I don't really believe her. I've been doing this lace flower for a long time and it will be finished today. At last. There are too many mistakes in it to give it away but it will be a nice reminder of my first attempt to make real lace.


Emily said...

Mistakes? I can't see any - it's beautiful, Pina! Perhaps you could find some You Tube clips to teach you some more techniques? That's how I've learnt a lot of knitting stuff.

Pina said...

Thanks, Emily. I tried You tube some time ago but I haven't found anything useful. I will try to find something in English and German... It seems that making lace is a mysterious hobby. ;)

Emily said...

I will keep my eyes open in the thrift stores for any books on lace making.