Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three times Vogel

The other day we were invited to a late dinner with friends. We talked about mountains and mountain paths, I suggested them an easy trek up to one of the most beautiful spots in the Julian Alps, and heard from one of those, gathered behind our table that I started to exaggerate with my climbs/treks this year. I was unpleasantly surprised at this statement because mountains have become my refuge from an everyday life. Everybody knows that. It is not the peak itself that is important, it is more the view, the path, those things I can see while I am there. Of course I will try to go up to the peak itself if possible, I don't deny this.So, this statement made me sad and thinking if I would tell other people about my climbs/treks in a future at all. Or should I rather find other people who will listen and rejoice at what I do...As I told you I took a day off on Friday, and this time I went to one of the most solitary parts in the Julian Alps I've ever been to. I felt lonely, like being alone in this world, only chamois were running around playing or peacefully grazing dried and brown grass. It is written in my guide that this place is full of Alpine flowers in spring and summer. I believe that it must be beautiful there when the grass is green. There was lots of snow on all three peaks (Prvi Vogel-2181 m, Srednji Vogel-2226 m and Zadnji Vogel-2327 m), and a promise that it, like I wrote before, must be beautiful up there in summer. I will come back if possible. One day.


Maja said...

Morda pa netakoljubiteljgora ni mislil tako, kot si ti slišala; ali pa je le v nekem trenutku rekel preveč oz. napačne besede. Pa tudi če je, si takih besed ne jemati k srcu. Ljudje smo različni in sama nikdar ne prepričujem tistih, ki mislijo drugače kakor jaz, niti jih ne skušam za kaj navduševati. No, saj zato pa nikdar ne grem v družbo :-). Pa mi ni prav nič hudega; celo zelo uživam v tem, da svoje veselje v hribih delim le s tistim, ki mi je v gorskih interesih popolnoma enak, ter z 'listom papirja'.

Čestitam za lepo pot in prekrasne fotke!

Feronia said...

It's so disappointing when people just don't seem to 'get' where you're coming from, isn't it? I think your hiking adventures are wonderful and I completely envy you! Those photos are beautiful, Pina :)

Pina said...

@Maja: Ja, saj vem... Izjava me je pravzaprav malo prizemljila, saj mogoče pa res rinem v prestrme hribe. Mogoče je pa kakšen angel za vsak slučaj nekomu prišepnil, naj kaj reče, da ne bom šla letos še kam, kjer se je treba držati za zajle nad prepadi... ne vem. Pa hvala! :)

@Feronia: Thank you. Maybe I have really become a bit obsessed with the mountains, and in a way I understand others that it might be boring for them to listen about my adventures all the time. Or maybe some of them just care for me too much... ;)