Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have never imagined that making lace can be such slow process. At least with this method of making lace that I use at the moment. I see the mistakes I make but don't know how to correct them. Our mentor and other women try to comfort me that perfect lace comes only with practice. I believe them because I saw their first lace.

At latest tomorrow I will finish another piece and then show you what I've made. Our course is at the end, so now I will be on my own for a little less than a year. Though, I found some good books on lace making which will help me to learn new techniques. I can hardly wait to start a new project!


Feronia said...

Looks beautiful to me!

cebelica said...

Zdravo! Pot me je zanesla do tvojega bloga in sem videla, da imaš vzorček tegale metuljčka. Bi mi lahko prosim povedala, kdo je avtor tega vzorčka, ker bi ga rada kupila. Ga že kar nekaj časa iščem, vendar brez uspeha.

Lep pozdrav!