Thursday, November 3, 2011

Velika planina

I have not thought for a moment that I would stay at home on All Saint’s Day. I knew that sun wouldn’t shine in Ljubljana that day. It is one hour’s drive to get to the parking place, and another half an hour or so to get to the pastures by foot. If I can’t get on top of the mountains then I can get at least close to them, right?I enjoyed each and every minute above the foggy lowlands. My mom told me later that I had spent a day 41 years ago exactly on the same pastures. It was sunny and warm on that day too.When I got back home lunch was on a table, and in the evening I lit a candle for all those who are not with us anymore. It was a good day.


Kačja pastirica said...

Kar ne moreš verjeti, da je nad meglo včasih taka milina - povsem drug svet. Lepo.

Pina said...

Ja, res je bil drug svet. In še lepše je bilo, ker je bilo tako malo ljudi. Kot si napisala - milina. :)

Feronia said...

I want to come to Slovenia!