Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I received a Power Point presentation full of pictures of Ljubljana at the beginning of the 20th century. Immediately I thought of a photo of four women that I found in my grandmom's album. Nobody could tell me who they were.This photo was taken in 1917, and my grandmom was 11 years old then, so I wonder if these women were really her colleagues from work like my mom was guessing. A memory lost, and names too, because they were not written down.

I just love this picture. Have you noticed the dresses they were wearing, their hairdo? Look at the second woman from the left - she is holding a hand of her "friend" on the right. And the right woman is having her hands covered with a muff. An open book makes you think like the left woman is reading to the rest of them. And a rose? Of course both, the book and the rose were put there by a photographer but it looks like they were reading a romantic story and daydreamt about their future lives. I wonder what their lives really were like. What happened to them, how did they look like in 10, 20, 30 years from the day this picture was taken?

I found out that I write this blog also because I want to remember what I did. With so many events going on in my life, I can't keep them all in my memory. Maybe that's also why I take so many photos. Although I know that when I am gone there will be nobody browsing through my photos and asking the same questions as I keep asking today - who is this, where was this?


Doda said...

what a beautiful picture! Wouldn't it be so wonderful to find out more about that one!

Pina said...

Yes, it would be, but unfortunately my relatives who knew them are not alive anymore.

Kari said...

It is a beautiful picture. I love old photos. My daughter is in a school club that is affiliated with our town's historical society. She is about to start a project with her group where they use a lot of old town photos and then try to go back to those same locations and take a new photo. They are calling it a "then and now" photo project and it should be a lot of fun for them.

Hope you are doing well!

Feronia said...

What a beautiful photo, Pina. We have a number of photos like that here too - distant ancestors who no one has any idea of who they are anymore. But they meant something to someone at the time, and they lived their lives as best they could :)