Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In bloom

Our Christmas wheat has been growing very quickly and we will have a nice green "grass" in our home just on time. I also spotted small white flowers on my cactus. I used to collect them but spiky as they are and with special needs I decided to keep just one of them. It usually blooms all winter instead of having a little rest after the summer heat. My mom used to get plants for her birthday each year because everyone thought that this would be the best gift for her. At the end she didn't know where to put them all. This is how it goes with the gifts, doesn't it, we get what we don't need and sometimes we give what people don't need.

It has become crowded in the shops these days. I thought of buying myself a skirt but came home disappointed. Are we not women anymore that all we can buy are trousers? I hope that fashion trends will change because I am fed up seeing only those tight "carrot" trousers everywhere for the third year in a row. Why can't fashion designers realize that not all women have perfect legs? Oh, fashion, how much more boring can you be?

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Emily said...

Lovely cactus! I am not normally a fan of them but that is such a pretty one. There are lots of skirts here at the moment of course, being summer, but I must say it is rare for me to find fashionable items very interesting. I buy a lot of my clothes in the thrift stores! At least then you get something a bit different :)