Thursday, December 1, 2011


It was exactly 30 years ago when we heard a dreadful news. A plane, full of Slovenian citizens, crashed into a mountain in Corsica. One day later, a white rose was laying on one of the desks in my class. He was the cleverest guy in our class, always very quiet. His whole family went on a holiday that day, the first holiday in many, many years. They all died that day.

I don't remember if i was on his funeral but I remember visiting his grave once. And again this summer when I was coming from my hike in the mountains. It looked like as the gravestone was new but his birth year written on it was still wrong.

I wonder how many other schoolfriends ever remember him or am I the only one? After all, I drive to work almost every day through a street where he used to live. What would he be doing today if he lived?

30 years already... it's been a long time since he's gone. In my mind he is still a little boy at the age of 12, not more.

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Emily said...

That's so sad, Pina. Lovely that you have taken the time to remember him.