Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knowledge is power

It was creative, this year of 2011. In a way it was full of new things. I have learned how to play a few chords on a guitar and how to make lace. I planted seeds and brought in the harvest.

But also it was a restless and wild year. I was to places far away and also not so very far from where I live. I stood on top of many peaks and saw wonderful things on my paths. I was away from home too many times. I chose it so because in a long run this brought peace to my heart and soul. It was a good year although I know life can be much better (and much more pleasant) than it is. I never make any resolutions at this time of year. Why should I? I have no great expectations for 2012, only wishes.

We gathered together with closest neighbors at the beginning of this year, too. I wished them a year full of fairy-tales, a year in which pumpkins would turn into delicious food. It is funny that we all wished each other a good harvest. No wonder because our gardens connect us more than anything else.

I also received one strange wish from a friend - that this year would bring me only a little bit of misery and unhappiness. I think that we shouldn't wish something like this to each other. Bad times come anyway.

So, let a word for 2012 be colorful. I hope it will be like that, and also full of love and peace.


Bodecea said...

I wish you a wonderful year, a year when paths are laying clear before you and you have always thee power to walk them as long as you like.

Emily said...

I hope that you find whatever you are looking for this year, Pina. Peace to you :)

Pina said...

Thank you, girls! :) I wish you a wonderful year, too!