Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A day after Christmas Ž and I drove to the seaside. Ž wanted to catch some fish. No catch this time, so we visited one of our colleagues and took a stroll on a beach. It was a nice, peaceful day. Especially I liked the view - far away in a distance I could see my beloved mountains covered by snow. Walking along the sea I admired stones and sponges, some solitary flowers and fruit. We visited "a graveyard of shells", a tiny strip of a beach covered only by shells. A treasure, slowly being destroyed by too many feet. Also ours. I wonder how it was there hundred years ago.

I am very grateful for such peaceful days. I need them right now. My body says so. My soul says so, too. I also noticed that I became quieter, not talking so much. I don't feel I have to, especially if others are quiet too. And I like it this way.


Kačja pastirica said...

Lepo, kar pogrešam samotne pobege na morje.

Emily said...

So very lovely, Pina. I love those peaceful days too, when I am quiet and I feel all the rest of world is too :)