Friday, January 13, 2012


It tipped the other day, a Christmas tree of ours. Usually I leave it standing until 2nd February. When I saw it lying on a floor, I remembered the IKEA's ads for Knut. So, Knut time has come into our home, too. Now we just have to fill the empty space with something new. Oh, IKEA, I wish you were closer to my home!When I was still living in a block of flats, on the fourth floor, I used to do throw our Christmas tree through a window, too, just like they do it in the ads. B was waiting downstairs, and shouted to me when the air was clear. And then it flew, the tree, and landed on a floor with a soft "bam", and its needles were spread around it in a circle. It was a tradition and at the same time the cleanest way to get rid of the Christmas tree.

I will miss the soft light coming from our (ex) Christmas tree. It made our living room much cozier. But, well, if it is Knut time, then let it be. :)

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