Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's count the waterfowl

It was -6 degrees C on Saturday morning when I parked my car in a village. When I stepped out the air was fresh and a clear blue sky greeted me. I could see the sunny slopes in a distance but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy much of its warmth because I would be walking along the river in a narrow valley. It was indeed freezing cold; whenever I looked through the binoculars my hands felt as frozen; and that was many, many times. In a distance I could hear the shots. I wished I wouldn’t meet the hunters. Later, after a few hours, the sun finally shined on my path. I stopped for a short lunch and to warm up my hands in the warmth of the sun. I thought of spring and summer many times. I rejoiced each time when I spotted another dipper; and there were many this year.

At the end of my waterfowl count I stopped in Bled to buy a cream cake, and in a town nearby met with colleagues to exchange the news and have a slice of pizza. It was a good day.


Mojca said...

Sem slišla dopoldne po radiu, da ste bili pridni :)

Pina said...