Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's count the waterfowl, part 2

My heart jumped with joy when I looked through a window early on Sunday morning and saw the stars up in the sky. A thin line of light was visible in a horizon. An hour later I was dressed in warm clothes, binoculars around my neck. I had warmer gloves on my hands this time but they didn’t help much. I hoped that I would be there before any dog lover who walks his dog on “my” path. No matter how slow or quietly they walk, they always scare the birds. It was still the hunting season this weekend, and ducks were scared of people. I spotted a dead Mallard, I haven’t checked if she died of a shot; it was too sad to see it lying there in the water. I also spotted a light bulb, quite unusual sight on a bank of the creek. It probably came there with the floods about a year ago. While I was pushing my way through the bushes I wondered how many birds I scared with this. But there’s no other way to count them. This year I was lucky because I had the chance to see a Kingfisher there. We still wonder if this bird is nesting in a bank of this creek. On my way back I saw this lovely picture: And the evening was as beautiful as the morning; this time Venus and Jupiter were pinned on the sky. Each year I walk the same path, and yet, each year I have a different story to tell.


Feronia said...

Lovely photos! And what a peaceful activity :)

Pina said...

It is peaceful indeed, as long as there are no hunters behind your back. :)