Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carnival time

It is time again for putting on a costume! I have never been so excited before to put mine on. One more piece of it is still missing but I expect to finish it by the end of this week. I just hope I stay healthy until Tuesday as viruses seem to be in the air.

These are the three things that made me happy yesterday:
- I felt that I was catching cold and this resulted in this that I can stay at home two days more than planned. I felt better immediately. It is not very pleasant to be cold for four days in a row. Two will be more than enough.
- The thought about wearing my costume on Tuesday made me laugh.
- It felt good to listen to a concert on a radio while knitting a hat for my mom. I have ripped it two times already and I hope that it fits this time. Neighbors could see me dancing in my living room from time to time.

I feel very cheerful today. For me the Carnival time is a special time in a year. The thought of donuts filled with apricot jam (yum!) makes me feel good already. I hope you have a great time too, whether you will be behind a mask or not. Let the spring come!

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