Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My mom said yesterday: "I am 46 years old today." I thought how old I would be in just a few years, and my mom thought how young she was when she was 46.

Her mom, my grandmom told a story of her birth some months ago, and also a story of my granddad who came into a hospital to visit them but nurses didn't allow any visits. Somehow he sneaked into the room, and when nurses found this out he was allowed to stay with his women for a few more minutes. He rented one of the rare cars in the town to drive his firstborn and wife back home. It was lots of snow that day on the streets. Oh, what a hero he was!

Without any doubt I looked charming yesterday. Mom was thrilled when she saw me with all that makeup on my face and dad quietly said: "You really look good today." My brother kindly commented: "If you were not my sister I would look at you twice." Ž just smiled when I danced for him.

I knitted a hat for mom but I think that she will need another one, I will have to choose another model and thinner wool.

I played a few songs on the guitar for mom, she likes my playing although I repeat the same three songs over and over again. She made donuts and we ate them all. You know, after all today is - Lent!

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Emily said...

What a lovely time with your family :)