Friday, February 24, 2012

Frančišek Lampe

Rajska spomlad.
Sapice z juga pihljajo,
Zimo se snegom končajo;
Solnce gorkejše poljublja
Goro in plan. Poizgublja
Led si in čmernati hlad.
Tla se vzbudé:
Dviga zelenje se živo,
Cvetke rastó ljubeznivo;
Bilkica drobna vspne se,
Više in širje sproste se:
Tukaj se čuda godé.
~ Frančišek Lampe

I had never heard of this man before until I visited an exhibition about women in the 20th century with my mom. On one of the walls were gathered photos of men who supported women in that time and thought that they were equal to men (there were not many). One of them was also Frančišek Lampe, a priest. He died at the age of 41 because of an exhaustion. He worked too much, slept too little. I read one of his books that was available in my library and his short biography. He was an exceptional man. Everyone said that he was kind, but what was most important is that he cared a lot for the Slovenian nation (and Slovenian language as well).

He was an editor of Dom in svet, a catholic publication with which he wanted to educate Slovenian pupils and plain people of that time. He also liked bees. :)

One of the liberal newspapers, at which my grand-granddad was co-editor a few years later, published a short news about his death, and what I was amazed at was the frank statement telling to their readers that they didn't agree with his religious views.

I admire people like Frančišek Lampe was, more so because I know that I am not as capable as they were (or are) and I never will be. Yesterday was his birthday; he was born 153 ago.

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