Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flora alpina

I have lots of books on alpine flowers, I think that most that are available in Slovenian language. Though, we still don't have a book with all alpine flowers that grow in Slovenia. Presumably there are around 600 of them. A pity, really, that no man or woman is capable of writing such a book and publishing it. Money shouldn't be a problem here; if there's a wish then there's also a way to publish such book.

Every time I went to a bookstore in the city center I went to touch it - well, if I am correct - touch them, because this is a collection of three books. One of them is just a register of around 4500 European alpine plants on over 300 pages. In the other two books photos and basic facts on plants are published. What I like about this book are the Slovenian names of the plants that grow in my country. Besides there's an index in Slovenian language too. What a treat!

Finally Flora alpina, the book on the European alpine plants, found a way to my home. It is an expensive book, it costs almost a quarter of my monthly wage. No wonder that I waited so long before clicking the Add to basket button on the Book Depository web site!


Feronia said...

Isn't that funny - Just yesterday I was looking online for a book about European wildflowers for a short story I am writing. What a coincidence!

Pina said...

Oh, I would love to read that story! :)

Feronia said...

Thanks Pina :) I have been looking at so many beautiful photos of wildflowers online!