Monday, February 6, 2012

Amish Puzzle Ball

It was -11 degrees C when I drove to work this morning, and the meteorologists say that it will be even colder. I can say that spent a couple of pleasant days indoors. Well, mostly indoors. When I went for a short walk yesterday in the afternoon the wind was whipping the skin on my face, so after a few minutes of this torture I turned back and went home. It was more pleasant to watch the blue sky through the windows. Also birds are cold. And cats, too. I let one of the cats to be inside for some time. Usually they don't want to be indoors.

I finished the Amish Puzzle Ball already on Thursday, so today you can finally see what I made last week. I searched quite some time on the Internet to find a tutorial, and even then I did it my way. This puzzle ball splits into three pieces and can be put back together again. Most tutorials tell you to sew all pieces together but in my opinion this is not necessary. After all it is called puzzle ball.

I will use softer fabric next time (if there will be next time). It is easier to sew it because pieces are quite small. Anyway, it was a nice project for windy and cold afternoons.


Kačja pastirica said...

Uau, kako lično. Še vedno trdim, da se mi šivanje zdi tako težko, čeprav praviš drugače :)

Emily said...

How wonderful! I love it :) Stay warm and take care of yourself, Pina.