Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wind and cold

Usually I don't listen to a radio and as you know I don't have TV. Yesterday the radio was on, and most of the time there were warnings about strong wind and tremendous cold. -10 degrees C is not really cold but the meteorologists say that the temperatures might drop to -20 next week. Also, because of the wind it feels much colder than it is. I don't go on walks in such weather, the wind is too strong. I am also surprised because Ž tells me each time when he walks into a house that it is cold. Strange, because he is never cold.
The pictures are from our walk on one windy day. We went home earlier than planned, it wasn't pleasant out there, although the air smelled so nicely of dry grass.

I haven't finished the project I started two days ago but there are only a few more stitches to be made before I can show you the final product. It is more time consuming than I thought it would be. Certainly not something that I would like to make everyday. Well, the weather is just perfect for staying inside and sewing. Or maybe knitting, too.


Emily said...

Oh my! Stay warm Pina. I think now might be the time for a knitting project :)

Pina said...

Oh, Emily, I wouldn't mind being over there at your part of the world right now! :)

Mojca said...

Torej bo v ponedljek uganka rešena ;) Jaz pa razmišljam, da bi se res lahko lotila kakšne kape čez vikend. Te dni bi mi prav prišla.

Pina said...

Ja, v ponedeljek bo uganka rešena. :D
Ti kapo, jaz kapo, mogoče pa še kaj. Juhej, komaj čakam!