Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day after day

To make the long stories short:

- mmm, I like this wonderful warm weather. I can wear less clothes and I can stand behind a telescope much longer.

- looking through the telescope sooner in the evening I could see Mercury in the western sky (if you want to see it - it is visible with a naked eye just after sunset). At the same time huge and bright Mars was rising on the East. The visibility was excellent, I could see Jupiter's four moons lined in a straight line, the fifth one was this time a bit farther away. I could also see the strips on the planet. Now I still have to spot Saturn with its rings.

- Pikec the cat wants to cuddle all the time. So, I spend lots of time cuddling him.

- finally I finished another piece of lace. Actually I was cheating a bit but I couldn't wait to put another pattern on the pillow. I studied one of my books on lace making how to make one of the corners. I hope it won't be too difficult when I come to that part of the pattern.

- I became restless when I came across this post. I know I have to go across the sea once again. The huge wide world gives me another perspective, the new and positive attitude towards everyday life. It becomes boring after years of staying home, seeing people who all look the same, who think the same. Though, I would need some courage for a trip like this because Ž doesn't want to come along. But it is very boring to travel alone under such big American skies. I know because I was there (oh, so many years ago!).

- writing about the travel - my neighbors are away this week. In the meantime I take care of their cat and empty their mailboxes. It became a tradition. Some went skiing and the others traveled all the way to Sri Lanka. They know what's good for the soul. Though, my colleague at work came home from India with a typhus some weeks ago. Scary.

- I was standing in a garden together with Ž yesterday in the afternoon. It is time to make plans. Well, not only plans. We will have to take garden spades into our hands too. It is time to plant onion and garlic before it gets too warm. Although I think we are not finished with winter weather yet and the floods usually don't come sooner than late March or April.

- later in the evening we caught a man walking across the meadows in a nature reserve although this is forbidden. People just don't care. They want to shoot another commercial there. It is hard to believe how much time and money they spend for this.

- coming back home and admiring the planets from our yard a Long-eared Owl flew over our heads. Without any sound. At the reserve I could hear a Yellowhammer singing for the first time this year and most Hen Harriers are obviously on their way to the breeding grounds in the North because we could spot only one female in their usual roosting place.

Oh, spring, spring is on its way!


Mojca said...

Yosemite čaka tudi name. Pridem. Enkrat v prihodnosti. Zdaj me tukaj še preveč rabijo.

Emily said...

Such lovely photos, Pina :)