Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern times

When I was driving back home yesterday in the late afternoon, I was sitting in a coupe with three girls. The train was full of students and pupils going back to Ljubljana. One of the girls was looking into the screen of her laptop, the other two had fingers "glued" on their mobile phones. They haven't looked up for three hours. I was the only one staring through the window. I might be old fashioned but I have no wish to be addicted to any of such modern gadgets. I can easily leave my mobile phone at home, and I wouldn't miss my computer very long. I would probably just miss the Internet with all the information and knowledge available there.

I was away again this weekend. I've joined a group in which we learn to recognize different kinds of bird song, that's why we spend lots of time outside. It is true that I would prefer to stay at home sometimes but some events just never happen again. Besides, more people see/hear more. It is not very common to see a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, though we spotted one yesterday at the tripoint of Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. An educational path leads through the forest and it is well equipped. We just didn't have time to read everything that was written on the boards.

Now, when I am back home it is time to check what kind of seeds we would need for this season, and of course, it is also time to tidy my home. Home, sweet home.


Emily said...

I know exactly what you mean - the Internet is great but mobile phones? Mine hasn't been switched on in months! Beautiful photos too :)

Pina said...

Thanks, Emily.