Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday goodness

I took a day off on Friday and spent one of the most pleasant days this year. I needed it. It was a day for:

- buying lots of packages of seeds and some flower bulbs, too. Finally I sorted out the last year's stock and replaced some packages with new ones.

- planning. First we will plant garlic, onions, peas and salad. So, it was time to find a proper place for all these seeds. We are a little bit late, I know, but there's one of the worst droughts in years in our country.

- admiring the first green leaves in my garden. Daffodils will be in bloom soon, tulips too. Frankly, I forgot what kind of bulbs I planted in autumn. That will be a wonderful surprise! :)

- enjoying the nice smell of the violets that had spread in our backyard.

- making lace. I keep enjoying in this activity, although it might seem that I make useless things. Actually it is a relaxation for me.

Friday was indeed a good day.


Feronia said...

Looks like some lovely things will be happening in your garden, Pina.

Pina said...

I will show you in a few months, Emily, if something will be happening in my garden. :)