Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One afternoon, part 1

One Saturday afternoon I looked up again walking through the Ljubljana's city center. 13 cranes were flying above the castle hill, and I spotted them while trying to catch some details of the nearest buildings into my camera. It was worth looking up. Flowers: Fruit (pomegranates among others): Usually in these rounded objects (balls, globes) the names of the builders are stored, together with some other information regarding the building itself: Balcony with a flower motive: St. Mary with Jesus (see that ball again on the right of the statue?):

There are so many treasures hidden up there. Compared to the buildings of today one can conclude that people in the past had more sense for beautiful things (at least how I see it). Though, things change over time. They can't stay the same forever because people's minds change over time too. I didn't like lace when I was younger, and look at me now - I make them myself.

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