Thursday, March 22, 2012

One afternoon, part 2

I wanted to write about this yesterday but deleted the text I wrote. Today I won't be quiet because people have to be aware that under the reign of Ljubljana's former mayor (and he will be probably the future one, too) lots of cultural heritage was destroyed. Especially the Roman and medieval remains, as well as a part of 4500 years old remains of the first settlement in Ljubljana.

I keep fingers crossed that the ministry will be able to protect what remained. We don't need more underground parking places in the city center, just a few people will earn lots of money again. But inhabitants of Ljubljana are blindfolded and (will be) guided by a man who hides his real motives (yes, money rules this world) behind a huge smile. It really a pity that people don't care.

Here are a few more photos from my Saturday walk (a woman with a huge camera took a photo of me while I was crossing that bridge; I just wonder where this photo will be published):

This house was built after an earthquake in 1895:

Almost all buildings in that street were torn down because it was not safe anymore to live in them, and the street got straight (it was curbed before). I have no idea what kind of meaning this sign has: or why these heads are above the door (who they present?): Ljubljana's castle from the Shoemakers' bridge:

Perhaps these shoes hanging above the street are connected with the name of the bridge, I haven't found this out.

Ljubljana is full of secrets. Hopefully I will be able to show you more soon ... before they are destroyed by the greedy man.


Emily said...

Such a beautiful city, Pina. What can be done? Do you have any heritage protection groups there? We have the National Trust here.

Pina said...

There are people who should protect our cultural heritage but either they are bribed or can't do nothing about it or maybe they don't care either. Who knows!