Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring thoughts

Remain faithful to what you love, what you believe in, and what reflects your authentic self.
~ Sonia Choquette

Normally I would say that the bike season has started but one look at the odometer tells me to be quiet about this. These wonderful sunny days and meadows with numerous "tulips" (Snake's Heads) are surely a good reason to hop on my bicycle. In time of migration the binoculars are mandatory equipment on such trips.

I always connect year 1877 with the death of Crazy Horse. Since I found another part of my family tree I've been also connecting it with a year in which my great-grandfather was born. He would be 135 years old today. It was interesting to find his name in the Ellis Island archives. The photos I have don't show what color of eyes he had but the Ellis Island data tells me black on white that his eyes were blue. This is very interesting because he had black hair (he is listed under number 15). I had always thought that he went to the USA to work there but my aunt revealed the other day that he only visited his brother. So, another information that fills the blank space - he had a brother living across the ocean.

It is so - I get one answer and with it more than one new question. Once more I am reminded to visit those who are still alive to tell me how it used to be.

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