Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter time

With rain also came that specific and wonderful smell of spring. I don't mind about rainy days around Easter because my calendar tells me not to plant and sow or work in the garden until Sunday. I like this holiday because we will gather with my closest relatives around the same table again. Mom makes this holiday very festive; at least I don't have a feeling that it is all about food like it is in many other families I know.

I almost don't eat any eggs but I like to color them for Easter. Yesterday I spotted an exhibition in the shopping mall and just stared and admired the masterpieces.

And I liked that lace, too. It is made with linen thread (like most beginners I use cotton thread). My eggs will get their color on Saturday morning. By celebrating Easter I celebrate the arrival of spring. Why would it be celebrated in accordance with the changes of the Moon if not for that reason?


alejandra said...

All those eggs are beautiful, thanks for sharing them, happy Easter!

Emily said...

What beautiful eggs. Have lovely Easter, Pina.

Pina said...

I am glad that you both like the eggs. :)

Victoria said...

We bought some very similar ones to the black red and white ones when Geoff and I were living in London and went to Prague for 3 days. That was when I was newly pregnant with Ella, it seems so long ago. A few have broken over the ensuing 9 years, but we still have about 8 intact.