Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've been on a treasure hunt again. It is fun and I can hardly wait that it gets a little bit warmer when the hunt will be more pleasant. At least for me. It's not only the final "treasure" that counts, there are stories behind most of them and nice places to visit, too. A few nice treasures are waiting for me in Ljubljana and I might write a post or two about what I will see.

I picked my last treasure yesterday. It was funny to observe one more Geocacher logging his visit into a logbook. A few minutes later I tried to be invisible for other people passing by. So, this photo was taken when I was retrieving the treasure from its spot: I hope to find out how old is that medieval looking building on a hill, and I still wonder if it was really necessary to build that plain and boring yellow building on the left side of this photo. And yes, we have a rabbit in the city center, although it is only drawn on one of the walls. It would be a good clue for a treasure. At least until it is there.

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