Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes I have a chance to drive back home by bus. Yesterday I hopped on a bicycle first because I wanted to find a hidden cache on my way back home. Trnovo is a part of Ljubljana that is also famous for its church where Slovenian poet France Prešeren fell for a girl who didn't care for him. Or maybe she did, who knows, but her father was surely not impressed by Prešeren's poems dedicated to Julija. There's a bridge near the church that is supposedly the only bridge on which trees grow. I am not sure that this is true today but it was so for many years.

The church is also connected to my life because I was baptized in it. Interesting that my mom can't remember when this was. By the age of 12 I was getting my religious education there. Then one day I resisted and didn't want to go there anymore. I didn't like the nuns, they were too strict and grumpy. I pass by this district almost every day on my way to work and back home. I rarely stop. So, yesterday in the afternoon I found another treasure by the church, and inside the cache was a coin (Hungarian forints) with a flower. Lovely.

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