Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nature walks

The surrounding of my home is getting the green color of my Easter eggs and I love it. But... this weekend fresh snow covered the nearest hills and mountains in a distance. It was, and still is, cold. Our plan to go and see European Alpine Primrose (Primula carniolica), the endemic plant that grows quite close to our home, was fulfilled on Monday. It will be in full bloom this and next week. On our path we also spotted some other plants; I even haven't taken photos of all of them. The one that is also a bit special and grows in that area is Alpine Butterwort (Pinguicula alpina). This plant catches insects with its sticky leaves. Another interesting plant we saw was Henbane Bell (Scopolia carniolica).

It is always nice to see written carniolica in the Latin name of the plant because then I know that it comes from here where I live.

Another plant that is connected to my homeland is Hacquetia epipactis that obviously even doesn't have an English name. It is wide spread in Slovenian woods. British gardeners are prepared to pay lots of money for it. It is named after Balthasar Hacquet, a famous botanist who lived in Slovenia (actually it was an Austrian empire then). Well, many plants are named after foreign botanists...

I thought of visiting this place with such abundance of these special plants again this week but the weather forecast is too bad for that. Let's leave the place to the bears meanwhile, they need the peace of their own, too.

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