Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pagan beliefs

My house is full of different objects that don't seem to serve any special purpose. Stuff, decorations, call them whatever you like. Usually I decorate front door too, although this decoration has some special purpose. It keeps those invisible unwanted beings out of the house. Call me strange but I do put a wreath or special plants a few days before a Midsummer Day on the front door. Just in case. :-)
At the moment a little blue dragonfly hangs from the hook on the door because the dragonfly time has finally arrived. I spotted one flying over the grass in a backyard and one was kind enough to be still long enough so that I could take its picture.
I was absent from this space for so long because of a stupid reason - my computer is full, so I couldn't upload photos from my camera. Though, sometimes it is good to be quiet.


Feronia said...

I put a new wreath on the door for each season too, Pina.

Pina said...

It looks nice, doesn't it? :)

Kačja pastirica said...

Kačji pastirji, iii, lepa dekoracija in še lepše v živo :)

Pina said...

Ja, v živo so najlepši. :) Ta vikend sem rešila dva travniška škratca iz svojega doma. Lepotca!