Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The canapés

My parents are trying to comfort me at this hard time when I am without a job. They are trying to cheer me up and keep saying that I am capable of many things. They believe in me as nobody else in this world. I spend quite some time with them, and I know that those are very precious moments in my life.

One evening in September I came to my parent’s house to read my e-mails (yes, I am still not connected to the world), and dad told me to stay a little bit longer because he would make the canapés. This is the result of his work:
Such events remind me why I am like I am. No wonder that I have some strange ideas from time to time too, and after eating the canapés I am still more aware where my exuberant imagination comes from.

The canapés were delicious!

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Feronia said...

Those canapes look really yummy! I am in a very similar situation with my work, Pina, so if you'd ever like to chat, I think you have my email address? It also sounds like I have a very similar relationship with my parents!! :)