Friday, December 21, 2012


I heard too many times in the past few months that I am soooo happy having all the time for myself. Obviously all those people who said that don’t have any idea how it is to live with a thought how to find a way to be financially independent and not to rely on generosity of my parents and partner so that I will be able to buy myself another pair of socks or something else of my desire also tomorrow, not just today. I keep telling to these people that they can be as happy as I am if they quit their job. Of course, nobody is very enthusiastic about this thought.

On the other hand, if I ignore my future, this time that I have is very precious. I am fully aware of this. Beside making lace, I’ve been also experimenting in my kitchen. Not much, just a little. The only imperfection about this is that usually I forget to take photos of the final result of my experiments.

One day I made pita bread. At least the recipe said that it was pita bread. I wondered if my dough discs would indeed rise while being in hot oven; and they really did. Now I know that it is best to eat them still warm or at least the same day, stuffed with a filling of your choice.

I also baked some cookies but I gave them away to my parents and friends, not even thinking of taking any photos of them (cookies, not parents or friends). One recipe will find its page in my recipe book and I will test a couple of other recipes in the next days. It is so hard to belive that it is almost Christmas.


Victoria said...

They look delicious. You're right, in what you say, although I hope those thoughts aren't counted with stressful moments of worrying too much. I've thought of you often, but haven't wanted to enquire in case you preferred no.

Emily said...

These look absolutely delicious!