Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter wonderland

A winter will officially start on Friday but we already had real winter weather. I like this kind of winter, with deep snow and temperatures around -10 degrees C. And of course, with blue, blue sky. Usually I have to search for this deep blue color of the sky higher in the hills but that Sunday sun was shining also in Ljubljana. Ignoring the cold Ž and I went on a hike. It took us less than two hours to get up the hill and less than an hour to get back down. I enjoyed every minute of this hike. It felt indeed like walking in some white wonderland. I also thought of gathering some mistletoe but there was none.

Over the weekend the temperatures have risen and snow has started to melt. Thoughts about spring have started to sneak into my mind lately. It is always so when a landscape gets dull and grey.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! It is still 50 degrees here, I have pansies still blooming on my porch. It should be snowing here, but it is not.

Feronia said...

My goodness, it looks beautiful, Pina.

Pina said...

I am glad that you both like "our" winter. :)