Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White thread

I know, I’ve been rather quiet lately. There’s a reason why. I spent lots of time during past weeks with the bobbins in my hands. The course is over now and I have learned some new things. Without so much work I wouldn’t be able to show you these pictures:
I am proud of this one, it is almost perfect.
We will finish this one next year by sewing in fabric in the middle of the napkin.
The last one. It was made quickly but I will have to work more on the outside pattern, although my tutor was very satisfied with my work.
True, I worked too hard, but it seems that making lace is some kind of my new addiction. Which will be probably over when spring is here again. Yes, every season brings a different activity, and life is this way far from boring. Even if I haven’t touched the needles or crochet this autumn and I haven’t even thought about making Christmas cards. Yet.

I hope you are enjoying in the last days of this year. I have to say that, in spite of still being jobless, I do.


Kačja pastirica said...

Brez besed, perfektno.

Pina said...

Hvala. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Good to know that craft and the old ways of doing things continue. They are beautiful.

Antiquarian said...

I hope you see this and can help. I am a Lacemaker in the USA and I love the Idrija style.

I am terribly envious of the patterns I see available in your area of the world. Where do you get them?

I saw a dinosaur in a picture of the Lace Festival and so wish I could reach through the screen and buy it.

Are there suppliers you recommend?

Pina said...

@Antiquarian: I am glad that you like Idrija lace. I got the patterns from my tutor, but there are also several books with the patterns. Try this site:, and for more patterns also this one:

You can also contact a person who was at the Lace Festival in France this year at

I hope that this helps a little. Let me know if you want to have "my" patterns, I can send them to you if you wish.

Antiquarian said...

the Lace patterns site had all the ones I've been wanting...and then some. THANK YOU!

Have a happy and blessed New Year.

paperseed said...

These are fantastic Pina!