Monday, January 14, 2013


I am not sure that those were really happy times but at least they were a welcome break from the constant pain. Nine years ago I weighted ten kilograms less than today (although this doesn’t really show on the outside and I have no photo of myself from that year to show people how I skinny I was then), I was full of energy and determined that my life should be a happy one from that moment on. Though, it was far from that. On Friday, nine years ago Ž stepped into my life and changed it forever. This year we spent some pleasant moments in my favorite bar in the city centre to celebrate our anniversary. Eating cakes. :) Who knows where we will be in nine years?


Emily said...

You never know where the tide of life will take you, Pina. That's scary and wonderful all at the same time :)

Pina said...

You are so right, Emily!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day!