Friday, January 18, 2013


I don’t call it winter wonderland anymore because there’s no sunshine that would expose those magic crystals in rainbow colors. I like to shovel snow - I take it as a recreation for my arms and back – though, this winter it is heavy as a stone. Cats prefer to stay in warm places, only sometimes one of them thinks of catching birds. Ž nailed up two sticks on a feeding house, so that cats can’t go in. They used to wait for birds in there.
Neighbor's cat trying to catch sparrows. :)
I thought of making a lace napkin for my mom but this one is not perfect enough to give it away as a gift.
In a certain way I like winter. In weather like this I can read, make lace, learn Spanish or do something else. This is actually a peaceful time of year. At least this winter it is. Holidays behind, plans for the future ahead; for a moment I am content with what there is.

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Emily said...

Sounds like a nice place to be :)