Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter food

There are still some vegetables below a blanket of snow in our garden. One of them is black radish. This is typical winter food. I always grate it and mix it with beans, I add some salt, spices, garlic, pumpkin oil and just a little bit of vinegar. An old advice to cure cold is to cut the black radish in half, scoop it so that it gets a small hole in the middle and put some honey in it. Leave overnight over a cup and eat honey that ran through the hole next morning.

In our fridge we still have some fresh celery (root) from our garden, but once it is eaten and if the snow doesn’t melt, we will have to use deep frozen peas or mangold. We have already eaten the last pumpkin; this year they were rotting like never before. I guess I picked them too late. I am glad that we have still lots of food in our garden. Leek, yellow kohlrabi, black radish, root celery, rapunzel, chicory, parsnip, turnip, probably also carrots if they were not eaten by mice.

In no time spring will knock on our door, so … slowly the time to prepare new plan for this year’s vegetable garden is approaching, too.


Emily said...

Can you come and make me dinner please, Pina? :) Looks delicious! Thought you might enjoy this link, on lace knitting -

~ Emily :)

Pina said...

Thanks, Emily. :) I try to simplify things when I prepare food. I am not a good cook, really!

emily said...

I don't know anyone who still has food like you've mentioned in a winter garden. I didn't even know it was possible!