Thursday, February 14, 2013


The other day when we celebrated Slovenian yearly cultural day (I still think that celebrating the death of a poet is improper) I visited one of the museums in Ljubljana. The exhibition about knights (in Slovenia) is excellent with lots of information given in different forms – from object like knight’s garment, weapon (most of it was found in Ljubljanica river), plates, cups, paintings to written information on life of knights.

It was interesting to see so many children in the museum. “What did you like most?” one mum asked her son. “Knives,” he answered plainly. What I liked most? Actually I liked the whole exhibition but I was most impressed by a photo and a story about two knights who were fighting against the Turks. They lost the battle (like they had supposed) and were killed. The heads were cut off their bodies and skin was removed from their skulls, stuffed and sent to their relatives. After many centuries their skins (stuffed) still exist and the photo of them is shown at this exhibition; covered with a dark piece of cloth and so high, that children can't reach it. Impressive, really.

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Feronia said...

How extraordinary...what a way to remember loved ones. Looks like an interesting exhibition.