Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Too late

I tried to smile but it didn’t help much - I was in an extremely bad mood this year at the seaside. For several reasons, of course, but the main one was that the sea was so cold that I went swimming only twice in five days.

The northern wind kept blowing for whole three days, so the sea was absolutely too cold for me to go swimming then. Ž tried to be brave but most people stayed on the beach and only rare ones dipped their bodies into the cold salty water. I clenched my teeth on the fourth day… On the fourth night there was a thunderstorm and we woke up completely wet early in the morning. The weather forecast was too bad to dry up the tent and the rest of our things and stay there another day, so we packed everything, had an ice cream and drove home in the afternoon. I was happy when we were finally back at home.
There were also good sides of our short vacation at the seaside. Our morning walks to the nearest town were pleasant, coffee was delicious, fig trees were full of ripe figs, I managed to read one of those books that I usually don’t touch when I’m in a library, I ate lots of ice cream, enjoyed watching little creatures of the sea, gathered different sorts of seeds (that were all lost later in the thunderstorm) and some sage for winter teas.

The summer is actually over but I don’t complain. We talked about going to the seaside once more in September but if the weather is fine and my knee too, I will rather climb one of the mountains that still keep waiting for me. I keep fingers crossed…


Feronia said...

A shame about the weather! But your photos look lovely. I hope your knee is feeling better :)

Pina said...

It is getting better with my knee. I suppose I sit too much... :)