Thursday, September 5, 2013

Through the woods

I had to try how healthy my knee really is these days so I went on a hike into the woods and up the nearest hill close to my home. I can’t call it a mountain although it takes me about two hours to get to the top.

“Be careful, a mama bear with its cub was seen here a couple of days ago,” warned me a local man who came into the woods to cut some trees. I know that there are bears in that area all year long but when someone tells you that one might be near, you can’t walk so easily on the path anymore. If a wolf followed me, I wouldn’t mind but a bear… Slowly I was distracted by many beautiful plants on my path.
While walking back down to my car I realized that this was the most pleasant walk in many years. I felt happiness again after a long, long time.

This year I am glad that autumn is knocking on our door already, but I just don’t know why.

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