Monday, November 11, 2013

The history of Ljubljana – part 3

If you ever visit Ljubljana (of course, if you don’t live here) do visit the cathedral. And look up.
Those frescoes were painted at the beginning of 18th century by Giulio Quaglio (and allegedly his son; the dome was built much later and painted by Matevž Langus). The photo doesn’t show all their beauty. 300 years ago people from all Europe were coming to see the paintings. And today people from the whole world keep coming to see the frescoes as well as the rest of the cathedral in all its beauty (you can be almost sure to run into a group of Japanese tourists in or around it).

And when you are once there walk around the building. You will be able to find the stones from the Roman graves as well as the copy of the remains (actually it is a copy) of the previous cathedral which stood on that place before 1701.

Actually we can be lucky to have the cathedral as it is, because all sorts of lucky coincidences happened when it was built.

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