Friday, November 8, 2013


I am learning new techniques at lace making, but I keep making too many mistakes this season. I try hard to make the lace as perfect as possible but I can’t be really proud of any of my products. In the picture is the last lace I made.
Once in a future similar lace will be sewn in the curtains. At least this is my plan. But until then I will have to practice, practice, practice…


Emily said...

That's so beautiful, Pina. Can you recommend a book on lace making for beginners?
Emily :)

Pina said...

Well, there are a few books in Slovenian language how to make Idrija lace but unless you don't have a teacher by your side, this is a hard self-study. I suggest you try some You tube videos how to start making (bobbin) lace. Though, making lace is different from country to country, as is the final product.

Feronia said...

Thanks Pina - I'll take a look at You Tube.
~ Emily :)