Monday, November 4, 2013

Visiting my grandmother

She’s been lonely lately, I know. Once during the summer she almost lost her voice, which came back immediately when mom and I visited her. Mom calls her every day but to be there with her in person is something quite different. She will celebrate her 85 birthday very soon but in spite of being quite old she still works on her “ranch” from dawn to night each day from early spring until late autumn. Her home is tidier than mine. I call such women superwomen. I will never be one of them.
Though, she needs help at picking all that fruit in the orchard; there are about 50 apple, peach, cherry, pear, and plum trees. Beside these one can find at least two sorts of vine, bushes of raspberries and blackberries, walnut tree and hazelnut bush. She grows fig and persimmon trees which usually don’t give any fruit.
Near the house hundreds of kiwis hang from the branches. She counts them every year as well as she counts walnuts, too. She picked more than thousand this autumn. She grows vegetables on two fields bigger than our vegetable garden. I tell you, she is a real superwoman.
I am afraid of the day when she will be gone. With her another source of history will be gone; and not only that – another gentle soul will be lost to this world.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pina,
Nice post. What does your grandmother do with all the fruit? Does she can all of it? You are right, she is a super woman!

Feronia said...

How lucky you are, Pina, to still have your lovely grandma in your life. Thank you for this post. It reminded me of my own sweet grandma and her wonderful garden, now both gone.

Pina said...

@Carol: She eats all those apples that you see in the photo (she makes delicious apple strudel with them), some apples are eaten by us, her family, and some apples are pressed and she makes juice out of them. She also eats all those kiwis, she bakes "potica" with walnuts, she cans peaches. So, nothing is thrown away, all is eaten. :)