Thursday, January 2, 2014

December days

A few days ago I heard from someone that I was a loser; and indeed I can’t claim that past year was a successful one, especially not those months after my birthday. I tried to do many things but too many of them were a failure. It seems that things are slowly improving and I hope that the next year will be a better one.

Compared to the rest of the year I was very creative during the past two months. In December I was mostly making presents for friends and neighbors, running around the shops and trying to wrap all presents already a few days before Christmas. I also took part in a calligraphy workshop at the School museum.
There were five of us, pupils, at the workshop, and I used the knowledge I gained there when writing Christmas cards for friends and family. I found the verse in one of the books about medieval Ljubljana, and it was written by Valentin Vodnik, a famous Slovenian most deserving that Slovenian language was spoken and taught in our schools about 200 years ago, in time when Napoleon Bonaparte was trying to conquer Europe. I liked the verse immediately.

I will show you in one of my future posts what kind of things I was making lately; actually I was mostly sewing. And I found out that I am not comfortable with my sewing machine; I prefer sewing by hand.

I wish you all a good year; and for me a year that won’t be one of those Midas touch years again when I turn everything into gold but what I actually want are just hugs and food.


Feronia said...

I wish you every good thing in 2014, Pina. Here is a 'virtual' hug from me x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Best wishes for everything and for the world.

Victoria said...

What a dark heart that person has. In a difficult situation you try to motivate and challenge yourself, keep interested and focussed - you are amazing and should never doubt yourself in the face of a comment like that x

Pina said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words, you are all wonderful women. And I am very glad that you keep reading my (these days pretty much deserted) blog.