Monday, January 13, 2014


I promised to show you the presents I sewed just before holidays. Three shopping totes, a small scented bag, four felt birds for a mobile and an apron.

Sewing might be fun but I always come across a problem, which is not unsolvable, yet it makes the final product less attractive as I first imagined. This time I realized just a little bit too late that a part of a sewing needle was broken off which resulted in too many torn threads in the fabric. This is how I keep learning new things! Anyway, I was quite satisfied with the totes for my neighbors which I put, together with a packet of herb seeds, into the little boxes I made from the colorful cardboard.
I tried to make bread bags but after a few days of sewing I gave up the project completely.

Now I will continue making another lace napkin. There are still some more I plan to finish before October when starts another bobbin lace course. And this year I will make more lace pendants because they really look good on Christmas three. The Swarowski crystals make them look sooo magical…


Feronia said...

What lovely homemade things! I love the tote bags especially and the birds are gorgeous. How thoughtful of you to put this effort into making gifts, Pina x

Pina said...

Maybe I should make some more and give them away, too ... :)