Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White walls

I keep hearing these days that I am a dreamer. Indeed, I have many plans, or dreams if one prefers to call them so, but most of them are connected with money, which is rather scarse on my bank account at the moment, or skills that I don’t have. I asked Ž to help me with painting the walls but he kept putting off this task for months. So, I asked my dad to show me how to do the job properly. We painted the main hall which was dirty from the last flood and our daily presence, and he also showed me how to mend the chipped wall.
Now the walls are bright white, and once I get a wardrobe across the border and put it together, our main hall will look like it should. Well, with a few final touches it really will. I can hardly wait! :)

1 comment:

Feronia said...

I love white walls - it looks great :)