Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring fever

Not only people, also cats become tired in spring.
I have a photo of my garden which was taken recently. But I won’t publish it because the garden looks really dreadful in it. As the landscape where I live keeps subsiding (mostly because of the new house constructions - four houses are usually build on a place where only one should stand; this is also a reason why my garden is so small) we had to put a new layer of soil in our garden. This means that a new grass had to be sown. Now the future grass is covered by a veil, so that the seeds are not eaten by the sparrows. As this veil is warm also when it’s cold, Pikec loves sleeping on it. Though, I hope that April rain will soon make our garden green and nice again.

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Feronia said...

What a lovely name! - Pikec :)